To be honest, most of my component changes are vanity upgrades and they don't make a lot of difference. I've used Downhill brakes from SRAM, Shimano and Hope. They're all good and I could swap between them all and I'd still slow down at the same rate. However, I liken going from ally to carbon rims to going from 26" to 27.5". It's an instant step up in performance with noticeable gains from the word go!

Jason, Leicester

Screen Shot 2017-09-05 at 16.40.40.png

In my opinion they're the best looking too, & I rarely do a ride without someone asking or telling me 'what are those rims' or 'nice looking rims those', & I'm always happy to advise where to get them or big them up.

Functionally they've never let go of a tyre, sustained serious damage or loosened off any spokes. Shale & rock has left a few marks, though it's all been shrugged off very well considering the regular trips to the lakes.

Customer service wise Graham has been ideal, very informative & happy to give you time over the phone or email with a very quick reply rate. He also laced them up quicker than the advised lead time & met me half way to my house so that no careless delivery company would be chucking them about. Finally, he's sending me some handy tyre levers free of charge which assist better when mounting and dismounting the tyres on the tight hookless bead.

I've just been in Scotland for the weekend taking on some seriously steep and rough terrain, the wheels have never skipped a beat. Especially notable when a friend and I (on a brand new top spec Cannondale Jekyl) went down the same trail at the same pace with the same aggression, though at the bottom he'd cracked one of the carbon 'Hollowgram' rims. Meanwhile the sixth element wheels on my rig took it fine.

Think I've over info'd there but you get the picture.

Connor Garratt, UK

Screen Shot 2017-09-05 at 16.47.14.png

The rims are confidence inspiring. I now run DHF 2.5 WT on the front and love the grip I get.

The wheels themselves are bomb proof!

I’ve cased a few landings over the last year and come away smiling each time amazed they’re still true and round! I definitely think the CK hubs are worth the upgrade too. Instant engagement is great. 
I get lots of comments at races too and have started seeing more and more SE wheels around which is nice. 
I was deciding between Di2 or SE wheels for my 40th and am glad I chose the wheels. Best £1000 upgrade you can buy!

Dean Hewitt, UK

Just back from the most amazing race, adventure, journey that is the Trans Provence 2017. Riding endless singletrack, roots, rocks, river, which all put both bike and body to test. My Sixth Element wheels rolled on through all terrain with no issues at all - not even a puncture. The fact I could ride with total confidence without a worry to what was round the next corner was an amazing feeling!

Stuart, North Yorkshire

I'm so pleased with the wheels - not only do they look the part they have changed the way I ride, my old wheels would ping about on fast descents and not give me much confidence, whereas Sixth Elements Wheels are so planted - I'm leaving the brakes off longer and they corner
like they are on rails... One very happy customer!

Andy, Nottingham