Just back from the most amazing race, adventure, journey that is the Trans Provence 2017. Riding endless singletrack, roots, rocks, river, which all put both bike and body to test. My Sixth Element wheels rolled on through all terrain with no issues at all - not even a puncture. The fact I could ride with total confidence without a worry to what was round the next corner was an amazing feeling!

Stuart, North Yorkshire

I'm in love with the wheel/tyre combo. Also the wheel/bike combo is a berm slayer and an unreal riding experience. It's an understatement to say, I'm over the moon with it so thanks very much! I have to admit I did doubt I was making the right choice given the amount of money but not anymore and I will be recommending them to everyone 👍🏻

Rob, Yorkshire

I was thrashing down the last rocky bit of LockerBrook/Gores in the Peaks the other night at full speed, ripped a side knobble off, lost 80% of rear tyre air, had some high speed rim dings, but managed to finish the run... Point of this story? Your rims are 100% tough. No dings and wheel still true. So impressed!

Chris, Derbyshire

Over 6 months of abuse around the Peaks, Lake District and various trail centres and I'm super impressed with the performance and zero-maintenance of the Sixth Element wheels. Combined with the CK hubs, you can feel a noticeable difference. Couldn't be happier! 

Gonzalo, South Yorkshire