Lee Hawden

"The Sixth Element carbon rims create superior control compared to other wheels - the bike is simply better to ride. The larger volume and squarer profile that the wheel gives to the tyre increases grip, so I’m much faster which I’m a massive fan of!"


Living in Holmfirth, West Yorkshire, Lee Hawden is both a Sixth Element team rider and a test pilot for Kingdom Bikes - masters of the Ti frame. He rides both UK and European trails and in British Columbia, Canada.

Notable Achievements:

  • 3rd Malverns Enduro (2018)

  • 2nd Hamsterley TT (2018)

  • Top 5 PMBA Enduro Series (2016)

  • 20th place Trans Savoie (2016)

  • Top 20 at TweedLove Hallelujah in 2018, top 40 at Tweedlove International in 2016

  • 4th place Peaty's Steel City DH (2015/2016)

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