Tom Bell

"Very impressed with how the wheels feel in competition.  The race this weekend in Belgium was a case-in-point: it was really steep both up and down and featured 4-5 rock gardens per lap that you could really get hurt on if you messed up - the wheels were really direct and confidence-inspiring."


Tom is a professional cross-country racer based in Yorkshire. He races both domestically and internationally in the UCI MTB World Cup and UCI-category races throughout the UK and Europe.

He is the current British MTB Marathon (XCM) national champion and has sights set on Tokyo 2020, as well as winning both the XC and XCM championships in 2018.

Tom is also a coach and helps riders of many disciplines and abilities to improve their performance and reach their athletic potential.

Notable Achievements:

• 2017 British XCM national champion
• Multi-time Regional XC champion
• British Universities MTB champion
• 2nd ranked UK XC racer in the world
• Represented Great Britain at the MTB World Championships