All our wheels come with our unique unlimited Lifetime 'no quibble' Guarantee

All wheels are guaranteed against workmanship or product defects for life

This guarantee applies to any owner, so it applies to a new owner if you sell your wheels on

Every wheel has a serial number which is recorded on your sales documentation. All that is needed is for you to keep a note of these numbers (or a copy of the sales receipt), no need for any separate registration process

We also operate an unlimited Lifetime Crash Replacement scheme  - £99 when purchased with your wheels


Peace of mind, forever, for everyone

For £99 you are covered for unlimited replacement rims forever in the event that you, or a subsequent owner, break a rim outside our guarantee as above

This cover is purchased at the same time as your wheels. It covers the wheels forever, for anyone, so it can be transferred to a new owner in the event that you sell your wheels on

The £99 cover is entirely optional, in event of a breakage with the cover not being in place then our standard crash replacement cost of £275 per rim applies