I'm in love with the wheel/tyre combo. Also the wheel/bike combo is a berm slayer and an unreal riding experience. It's an understatement to say, I'm over the moon with it so thanks very much! I have to admit I did doubt I was making the right choice given the amount of money but not anymore and I will be recommending them to everyone 👍🏻

Rob, Yorkshire

I was thrashing down the last rocky bit of LockerBrook/Gores in the Peaks the other night at full speed, ripped a side knobble off, lost 80% of rear tyre air, had some high speed rim dings, but managed to finish the run... Point of this story? Your rims are 100% tough. No dings and wheel still true. So impressed!

Chris, Derbyshire

Over 6 months of abuse around the Peaks, Lake District and various trail centres and I'm super impressed with the performance and zero-maintenance of the Sixth Element wheels. Combined with the CK hubs, you can feel a noticeable difference. Couldn't be happier! 

Gonzalo, South Yorkshire